jadebeall asked: Maxim, Thank you so very much for your answer! I have decided to join tumbler just so I can follow you. I cannot tell you how your work has moved me. Please do stay in touch if you come to AZ. I went to buy a book and would love to know when they are available again. I do a lot of work with women and I would love for them to see this book of yours as well as study your mastery :) Best Jade

Jade — Thanks again for your kind words. The first run of the book was a limited run and ended up being unaffordable to a lot of people. I’m currently working on a 2nd edition with expanded content and different format that should make it more accessible to more people. I’ll be sure to let you and everyone know when that’s ready!



Currently seeking African and Afro-American women for portraiture sessions in the making of the second edition of my book, “Black Venus”. All shoots take place in Charlotte, North Carolina. No modeling experience is necessary. If interested, please message me here on Tumblr or email me through my website. I’d love to hear from you!

Anonymous asked: Your work is awesome! I'm stunned at these beautiful pictures! Being a feminist I used to never appreciate women posing nude but these photos are mind blowing! So artistic! And the way you have celebrated these beautiful people! Hats off!

I’m happy you’re enjoying the photos. Stay tuned for more.

Anonymous asked: How do you look for the women you shoot? Your pictures are very beautiful and makes me very proud to be a woman of color. Thank you for celebrating us.

Thank you for reaching out! My subjects come from various sources — casting calls, word of mouth, online inquiries (Facebook, Tumblr), friends, etc. I encourage everyone who may be interested to send me a message to discuss participation. All shoots take place in Charlotte, North Carolina.